Corporate Recovery

Is your business in trouble?


Are you unable to pay your debts or

meet other financial obligations?

Although it may seem like the end of the world, you are not alone! A high percentage of businesses fail at their first and even subsequent attempts. However, it is a common misconception that, for a failing businesses, liquidation or receivership is the only option.

Poor profitability,  problems with sub-contractors or suppliers, trouble collecting money owed from customers are often problems facing businesses.

At Fitzgerald, we focus on trying to maintain your business as a going concern via an “informal” restructuring process.  One of the main benefits of an informal rescue program is that it is private. Formal administration and receivership procedures are normally widely publicized. This can result in a more difficult negotiation process with customers and creditors and can also alert the competition to a major opportunity in the market place.

Let Fitzgerald and Associates get you on the road to Corporate Recovery

Our range of services includes:

> Negotiating debt repayment schedules with lenders to give the business breathing space
> Organizing additional financial facilities to smooth out cash flow spikes
> Advising on the re-organization of your operation – how to cut costs, reduce unnecessary expenses and reallocate resources
> Generating cash flow by working with debtors to bring in monies owed